How to Check Which Photos You Have Liked on Instagram So Far


Want to see all the photos and posts you have liked on Instagram to date? Here's how you can on iOS and Android.

Check Out All the Posts You Have Liked to Date on Instagram for iOS & Android

Our Instagram feed is always populated with some wonderful photos which you just can't miss liking at all. But over time, you tend to forget what you liked on the social network. Interestingly, you can go back in time and see all the photos you have liked thus far. This includes the first ever image you had liked as well. Sounds cool doesn't it? We will walk you through the process how you can do just that.


1. Download and install the Instagram app if you haven't already (iOS & Android) and launch it.

2. Tap on your profile icon in the bottom right corner then the Settings icon on the top right.

3. Once here, you will see a bunch of options. Locate Posts You've Liked under Account and tap on it to open.

4. You will instantly see a wall of photos and posts you have liked so far. Looks neat doesn't it?

Checking out old likes is definitely a trip down memory lane. You'll end up a lot of cool stuff that was somewhat lost in the noise of time. Thankfully, with a couple of taps, you can relive each and every single day if you so desire.

Using this feature, you can even 'unlike' photos if you so desire. Face it, there is always that one photo you end up liking 'by mistake' which raises a lot of questions. What better way to undo it, right?

Wrap Up

Instagram is a wonderful little social network that is owned by Facebook. Apart from being a photo haven for photographers, it has risen to the top as a great place for videographers as well. Add Snapchat like features into the mix and you have yourself a wonderful place for socializing with others using the power of photos, videos and doodles.

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