Clear Search History On Instagram For iPhone


Here's how you can clear search history on Instagram for iPhone in a few easy steps.


Without a doubt Instagram is a massive social network in its own right where millions of people share countless snaps on a daily basis. While many of us like to dive deep into Instagram and explore much as possible, there are some users who like to keep things as simple and clean as possible during day to day usage.

Keeping 'cleanliness' in mind, there are many users out there who can't digest a sight of 'history' in a place such as a search box, and in Instagram, there's a search box that lives inside the Explore tab, and guess what? The 'Clear History' button for said search box is somewhat hidden away if you choose not to explore where it lives in the first place. But today, we'll show you how to clear the search history in Instagram. And the process is actually quite simple.

How To Clear Instagram For iPhone Search History

1. Launch the Instagram app (download link) from your home screen.

2. Tap on the bottom right tab to access your own profile.

3. Tap on the 'Settings' button at the top right hand corner.

Photo Feb 16, 8 14 21 PM

4. Scroll all the way down and tap on the 'Clear Search History' button.

Photo Feb 16, 8 14 27 PM

5. Tap on 'Yes, I'm sure' when prompted for it.

Photo Feb 16, 8 14 30 PM

That's it, all the search history that piled up till today in the Explore tab's search box is now long gone and things are absolutely clean and pristine. The way it should be.

While having search history at hand is absolutely useful in a lot of cases, especially when you want to go back to finding something from the past, but many users find it to be annoying. It's a piece of text which you just stare at for no good reason, provided you're 100% done with that particular search result. Thankfully though, now you know how to get rid of it, that too using a simple press of a button.

The thing that bothers us the most is that we can't delete a particular search result, but instead have to make do with removing the entire history itself. Not ideal for most, but hey, it's still better than having nothing, and there's a high chance a future Instagram update will fix things to the way we like them to be.

If you found the above guide useful, then do not forget to let us know about it in the comments section below.

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