SCUF H1 Expands Their Customization Options To New Line Of Headsets


Since SCUF Gaming was acquired by Corsair approximately one year ago, the gaming accessory maker has been relatively quiet when it comes to new product lines. Shortly after CES 2020, we reviewed the EXO SCUF, we hadn't seen much from the Atlanta-based hardware maker aside from refreshes of their existing controller line. That's changed today, as SCUF Gaming has announced a new line of customizable headsets that built upon CORSAIR's VIRTUOSO line of wired audio.

Despite the CORSAIR VIRTUOSO casing, the SCUF H1 will be exclusively available as a wired 3.5mm headset that's compatible across all current gen consoles and whatever mobile devices still offer a headphone jack. According to SCUF Gaming, this is the preferred option for professional esports athletes as it provides a zero-latency option for gaming.

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Rather than picking up a premade design, players will customize their SCUF H1 from the ground up, starting from the frame and cable colors to the speaker tags, microphone type and more. This is a process strikingly similar to what they already offer for their Impact and other controller lines. When I spoke to SCUF Gaming's marketing team, they pointed out that they will offer similarly designed controllers so that gamers can have a matching aesthetic. Additional accessory packs may be available for post-purchase customization later on.

● High-bandwidth microphone with a removable and universal headphone jack provides wide dynamic range and superb vocal clarity (uni-directional or omni-directional options
● Speaker tags allow for easy customization to keep your style fresh (30+ design options
● Premium memory foam earpads deliver long-lasting comfort for long gaming sessions
(Synthetic leather or hybrid options available)
● Precision-tuned 50mm high-density neodymium speaker drivers deliver clear, high-quality
sound in the heat of battle
● Adjustable, synthetic leather headband conforms to the shape of your head
● In-line volume control allows you to make on-the-fly adjustments without distracting you
from your game

The SCUF H1 is available now directly from SCUF, starting at $129.99 for the basic configuration.