New The Last of Us Screenshots Appear Out of the Blue

Feb 10, 2012

The Last of Us is without a doubt one of Naughty Dog's most anticipated titles of 2012, after stealing the show with Uncharted 3 in 2011 the company is out to set a new record and out do them selves better than before. The game has been in development for 2 years now and the release date has been confirmed as a Q4 2012 launch for the PS3 exclusively. While a lot of information about the game was covered in Gameinformer March these new screenshots appeared on a forum and appear to be very legit.

Some new screenshots of the game made an appearance at Official PlayStation Magazine UK who found it on another site, while Gameinformer is supposed to be the only source of Last of Us information with their coverage of Last of Us through out the month it came as quite a surprise when these screens made an appearance on another website. Where these screens came from is a mystery but one thing is for sure that these are indeed the real McCoy some are in game shots and some look like artwork.

The screenshots appear to be VERY legit and they definitely show what to expect. While the game will be focused more on the tale of the survival of a 40 something old man (Joel) and a 14 year old orphan who escaped from a quarantine zone (Ellie) in a post apocalypse world with infected and surviving other scavengers the game definitely shows a lot of promise and since it's launching this year fans won't have to wait long to play it.