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Screenshots For ArmA 3’s New Terrain Surface, Details Leaked


Accidental reveals of future projects and plans from developers happens. It's not always a disgruntled employee or a hacking group that exposes files like this. Accidents can and do happen. And exactly that has happened with Bohemia Interactive, revealing some great looking screenshots of their new terrain for ArmA 3.

Tanoa is a 100KMmap being included with the upcoming ArmA 3 expansion.

The screenshots show off a rather extraordinary recreation of Tanoa, an island in the South Pacific that makes up part of the Horizon Islands. The lush tropical environment will have a different feel then past ArmA 3 maps, increasing the difficulty of operations with its thick jungle floor and prominent geological features.

In addition to the gigantic area in which to explore, the upcoming expansion will feature brand new official vehicles, weapons, attachments, gear, story content and a tremendous amount more.

Bohemia Interactive will be revealing the full details at their event during E3, and it's scheduled for release during the first half of 2016 as an expansion that will require the ArmA 3 base game.

So far it's looking quite good! And the potential for further modification by modders is of course quite high. The new terrain in ArmA 3 creates new challenges to be tackled by new gear. Perhaps an AT-AT won't be useful here, but maybe other Star Wars inspired mods could be on tap.