Sandybridge processor lineup revealed.

Syavash Pahore

With a few weeks to go before release, Intel has finnaly revealed the official Sandybridge lineup of processors and their respective launch dates.

9Th January will see the launc of  10 LGA1155 processors  that will set you back from anything between $177-317 with cheaper models following in the next few weeks. 7 of the processors are Core i5 models whereas the remaining 3 are Core i7 variants. The flagship processor  will be the "Core i7 2600k" with a clock speed of 3.4Ghz and most important of all, an unlocked BClk multiplier. As far as pricing goes, the new Core i7 and Core i5 processors will cost you about the same as the older LGA1156 models give or take a few dollars.

After the 9th January launch there are going to be three more launches , Intel will release the Core i3 variants of the Sandy Bridge platform on 20Th February and a Pentium Dual Core processor 1 week after the Core i3 launch. Q2 2010 will see the launch of 3 more Pentium Dual Core processors all of which are under the $100 mark.

Considering the "balanced" lineup of the new processors, Sandy Bridge should be something everyone can look forward to regardless of whether you want to build a HTPC with a measly Dual core processor or a high-end gaming rig with the top of the line processors.


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