Samsung To Partner with Valve For Galaxy S10 To Feature Steam Streaming

Yesterday featured Galaxy Unpacked where Samsung unveiled the brand new Galaxy Fold, a device that I'm already planning to sell one of my kidneys for. Joining the fold comes the S10 range of devices, where we have already covered our hands-on with the S10e and with even more coverage to come.

One huge piece of news comes from word-of-mouth at the event and, while the mouth(s) in question can be trusted as being in the know, the information is unofficial and unconfirmed as of the time of writing. What is this information? As the title says, a partnership between Samsung and Valve to bring Steam to the new S10 range of devices.

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What was specifically stated is as follows:

If you leave your PC on at home, you can actually stream from your PC to your phone. So you can actually play Steam games on your phone whilst your PC is on at home.

Gaming on the S10 range is supported by a vapour chamber cooling system, adding a huge benefit as phones can very quickly overheat. In addition to this, the S10 range supporting 5G and Wi-Fi 6 should help promote a lag-free and great experience while streaming from your Steam account. Thanks to the lineup's stunning AMOLED display, your games will look just as good as you could ever expect them to do on such a device.

It's exciting news for anybody like myself who travels frequently and has a range of games on their Steam account. Provided the connection wherever I'm travelling is good, you can expect to see me playing a few games while using my Samsung Galaxy Buds (review to come soon).

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