Samsung Galaxy S10 Lineup Retail Box Contents Include Cover & Film

With the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy 10 Plus official, we're sure many of you are eager to upgrade from your current devices. If you are, then it's important to know what accessories Samsung will provide users when they purchase either the Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10 Plus. Even if you're not looking to make a purchase and are letting curiosity get the best of you, we've got just the post for you. Take a look below to find out what's inside the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus' retail boxes.

Samsung's Retail Box Contents For The Galaxy S10 Lineup Add A Screen Protector But Take Away The Micro USB Connector

In stark contrast to the Galaxy S9 and S9+, Samsung has just made a boatload of upgrades on the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus. The two smartphones feature completely different designs over their predecessors  -  a fact missing from last year's S smartphones. 2019's flagship gadgets from Samsung complete overhaul the S lineup's design, giving the gadgets a very premium look and feel - one that's justified for a price tag starting from $899.

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One particular aspect of the new smartphones that has given Samsung trouble is their displays. The Galaxy S10 smartphones feature a display build and design that is fundamentally different from every other high-end gadget that is out there. Samsung has had to invest a significant chunk of time and energy into perfecting these displays, a fact that brings us back to the retail box contents of the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus.

The box will include a protective film and a clear cover - two accessories that are very popular with Chinese smartphone manufacturers. However, with the amount of craftsmanship that goes into building a Galaxy S10 smartphones, it's nice of Samsung to think of how users would love a quick solution to protect their gadget investment before more sturdier covers and screen films become available. Apart from these two, here's a complete list of what you'll get with your Galaxy S10:

  • Data Cable
  • Travel Adapter
  • Ejection Pin
  • USB Connector (OTG)
  • AKG Headset
  • Quick Start Guide

Additionally, if you want to go completely wireless, then Samsung has also launched its True Wireless Galaxy buds that start at $129. If you get them, then you can charge the buds by placing them simply on top of your Galaxy S10, another thing that an iPhone can't do.

Samsung's Galaxy S10 has an $899 price tag, and for $150 less you can get an S10e.

Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

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