New Samsung Trademark Suggests Autofocus Feature in Front Camera Expected With Galaxy S8

Samsung trademark

It is unfortunate that the Galaxy S8 might not feature the high anticipated dual-camera, but we have a leak that will brighten your evening, especially for those selfie junkies who are hell-bent on flooding their Instagram and Snapchat profile with images snapped from the front camera. With Samsung having heavily improved the camera on its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, the latest trademark filing from the Korean giant suggests that a series of improvements are going to be placed on the front-camera as well.

Front-Camera Sensors With Autofocus Is a Rarity With Smartphones – Galaxy S8 Could Get an Upgrade Thanks to Latest Samsung Trademark Filing

The trademark filing shows the term ‘Smart AF’ and in the universe of smartphones, that only means ‘smart autofocus’. Autofocus is already present in rear cameras but we rarely see them in front cameras. In addition, manufacturers tend to ignore the front camera while incorporating a swath of upgrades in the primary sensor; if this is due to the smartphone’s design limitation or due to the fact that manufacturers don’t really care about the front camera, is beyond us.

With the Galaxy S8 imminent announcement, Samsung must have noticed the growing trend of selfies and videos taken from the front camera. Unfortunately, the terrible video quality only disgruntles users, which is probably why the company wants to target the young generation as well as taking casual and business users into consideration too.

If we should expect Smart AF present in the front camera, then we might as well wait for an OIS chip to be present in it as well. This will help to reduce camera shake and make images and videos less jittery compared to previous generations, and will be considered to be a small, but necessary upgrade in smartphone cameras. Furthermore, Samsung’s designers might also look to improve the shape of the smartphone so that it does not become a tiring chore when you attempt to grip the device in order to start recording or snapping selfies.

We have all come to know and love the rear cameras of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge and there is no doubt that the Galaxy S8 will come with an even better rear camera. However, it is time to give the little things more importance, such as better quality stereo speakers and a ‘more than capable’ front camera. What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments right away.


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