Galaxy S8 Might Not Sport the Much-Awaited Dual-Camera Setup After All

Omar Sohail
Galaxy S8 no dual-camera

Samsung might have unveiled the Galaxy Note 7 before the iPhone 7, but it was Apple that beat its closest smartphone rival in the dual-camera race when it announced it with the iPhone 7 Plus. In order to play catch up, we’d obviously expect Galaxy S8 to sport the latest feature that’s readily found in high-end smartphones, but turns out the latest rumor is drawing attention, and that too for the wrong reasons.

Rumor Not Clarifying Why Galaxy S8 Will Be Shipped Without Dual-Camera – Manufacturing Constraints Might Be a Factor

The rumor suggests that Samsung is not going to go for a dual-camera configuration on the Galaxy S8 but the source from China did not provide an explanation as to why this is so. Thanks to the large number of changes the Galaxy S8 has been rumored to feature, it is possible that the flagship’s design might not be able to accommodate such a setup. The camera on the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge snaps images immediately and has been rated as being one of the best in the industry, so it is possible that Samsung could be working on an even better sensor to take smartphone photography to the next level.

While there are several smartphones being released that come rocking with dual-cameras, there is very little advantage to using them because the technology and software have not yet matured thoroughly to allow for impressive photography to be enabled using dual-cameras. With the passage of time, the improvement of technology and software development will allow better images and video results to be taken from these mobile computing devices. If consumers were being bitter about this rumor, know that there are other things to look forward to.

Firstly, Galaxy S8 could have a screen-to-body ratio that exceeds the 90 percent mark. This means that the fingerprint reader will be present under the display, not to mention the impressive internals that will allow you to render Daydream content fluidly. ARM’s Mali-G71 GPU and the upcoming Snapdragon 835 SoC are all ideal examples of how smartphone hardware inside a Galaxy S8 will take performance to the next stage. Remember to take this rumor with a grain of salt, as a lot of rumors will be incoming that could immediately retract their earlier statements.


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