Samsung Takes Shots at Apple by Gifting Cleaning Cloths

Samsung Takes Shots at Apple by Gifting Cleaning Cloths

A cleaning cloth is more or less a necessity when it comes to cleaning the phones or your watches, or anything, for that matter. You can normally head over to Amazon, shell $10 and get a pack of cleaning cloths in various colors. However, Apple decided to do something different when they started selling one for $19. Egregious, I know but hey, we all love to keep our Apple devices clean. Following Apple, Samsung has now decided to give away free cleaning cloths to Galaxy S20 owners in Germany.

Samsung is Currently Gifting Cleaning Cloths to Galaxy S20 Users in Germany But it is Limited to 1,000 Pieces Only

This odd decision is probably the result of what Apple is already doing and while the Apple uses around the world might be interested in the cloth, I could not find it anywhere because well, it ran out of stock with a long list of backorders, as well.

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However, the campaign is very limited since it went live only in Germany, so we are not sure what Samsung is expecting out of it. Again, it might be Samsung's way of getting some more attention out of what Apple's been doing. The cloth is being offered through Samsung's Members app and they are currently giving away only 1,000 units.

As per GalaxyClub, the campaign is not available anywhere else aside from Germany, so it makes even less sense, but hey, if Samsung is happy gifting the cleaning clothes to the Galaxy S20 users. Who are we to say no?

Do you think Samsung is being petty towards Apple or is this a nice gesture by the company to remember their customers?

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