Samsung Space Monitor – A Monitor For Any Angle!

Evan Federowicz

This monitor has an amazing resolution of 3840 X 2160p (or 4K resolution) but is only locked at 60 fps which means no 144Hz goodness. Not only the FPS is not up to the normal 144Hz, but the response time of the monitor is also lowered 4ms response. Now, that may sound like a very bad downside, what this monitor brings to the table isn't its Frame Rate or Response Time.

The Samsung Space Monitor is one of the most adaptable monitors out there

The Samsung Space monitor is not made to be an amazing refresh rate, but the adaptability of this monitor is what the real selling point, the ability to pull the monitor closer and tilt it as needed. This monitor might not be focused on the gaming community and more focused on the more creative community, the downside being that there is no touchscreen functionality. That makes this monitor a little less than amazing for creative types.

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This monitor has a couple of features (besides the Movement of the screen) like:

  • The Clamp
    • This monitor instead of having the normal monitor stand, which usually has legs attach, this stand has a clamp which makes it more aesthetically pleasing than sitting on a desk it clamps to the board.
  • Multi-Tasking
    • This monitor allows for Picture-by-Picture (PBP), this allows the monitor to split the monitor into two separate inputs. This makes the productivity of this monitor amazing, compared to other monitors only having software Picture-in-Picture.
    • This monitor does offer Picture-in-Picture as well, meaning you can have one full input on the main display of the monitor and have a smaller "cutout" be the other input while still focusing on the main input.
  • Space-Saving Design
    • Since this monitor has no legs to take up space on your desk, this monitor is a huge space-saving monitor, being only a small square space taken up on your desk.

This monitor is most definitely not focused on gamers instead of being more focused on creative types, seeing as this monitor has no touchscreen, a big feature that most creative types like to have in their monitors.

One major downside of this monitor is the price normally $499.99 (makes this a higher costing 4K monitor), currently the Samsung Space is on sale for $389.99 on Amazon. For $389.99, this is still a higher costing monitor but is much more affordable than the almost $500 price tag. 

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