Samsung Smart Watch Confirmed While Apple Dilly Dallies


There have been many rumors recently about Apple developing an iWatch. With Google's foray in to the wearable computer market with Google Glass, many though it would instigate a knee jerk reaction with Apple. The company itself has said nothing about wearable computers or an iWatch, but their patents do indicate that Apple is looking in to this niche. On the other hand, its Korean counterpart has already confirmed that a Samsung Smart Watch is in the pipeline.

Samsung Smart Watch

The executive vice president of Samsung Mobile, Lee Young Hee, confirmed to Bloomberg that Samsung Smart Watch is indeed being worked on. He added that the company is working really hard to get it ready. The Samsung Smart Watch is definitely one of the products that the company is creating for the future.

He did not reveal as to what the Samsung Smart Watch will be able to do, or what hardware will it tout. Obviously there's no information regarding its pricing or availability. Since the field is wide open, it will be interesting to see if Samsung waits for Apple to launch its iWatch, or if it takes the bold step of becoming the only player in this particular market. They already have the patents and are working hard to getting it ready. A release shouldn't take too long.

The international watch market is a crucial one for both companies. They can either lead or follow the other's lead. The iWatch has been strongly rumored over the past couple of months but there haven't been any part or component leaks as yet to substantiate its existence. At least Samsung has officially confirmed the existence of their Smart Watch.