Samsung Returns to MWC 2021 with an Event Centered Around Smartwatches and Wear OS

Furqan Shahid
Samsung Returns to MWC 2021 with an Event Centered Around Smartwatches and Wear OS

2021 brought one of the biggest surprises in Samsung and Google finally working together to improve the smartwatch landscape. At the moment, Apple is ruling the smartwatch industry with their Apple Watch, and nothing else comes close. However, Samsung and Google are now joining hands to improve Wear OS, which also means that the next Galaxy Watch is going to ship with Wear OS, but this time, Samsung will have more control over the software.

It might seem strange, but it makes perfect sense thanks to Samsung's amazing understanding of Android as an operating system. At the time of writing, One UI happens to be the best 3rd party skins; it is not only something that looks good but also fluid, highly functional, and has features that you would actually want to use. So, it is only fair that Google wants some of that influence on Wear OS too. Which, so far, hasn't seen good days.

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Samsung Has Big Ambitions Regarding Wear OS and Smartwatches

Samsung has decided that they will show up at MWC 2021 later this month on June 28th and will be hosting a smartwatch-centered event. According to the listing, the company will tell us more about the "Galaxy ecosystem" as well as the "new watch experience." Samsung has claimed that they are "reimagining smartwatches."

This will be the first time we are getting a proper understanding of just how far Samsung and Google have worked together on the Wear OS and how they have improved it. While we are not sure if Samsung will announce the smartwatches at the same event, we will get a glimpse of what Wear OS is about to look like.

It is already confirmed that the upcoming Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch Active 4 will run the new Wear OS, and they will be the first non-Tizen smartwatches from the company in years. We will keep you posted as the dates approach, and we have more information on what Samsung is planning on doing with Wear OS.

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