Samsung Releases Its Own 4K Video Shot From A Galaxy S7 – Take A Look Right Here


Want to see how a 4K video looks when captured from a smartphone camera? Samsung has released its own sample footage on a Galaxy S7 so check it out right here.

Samsung Galaxy S7 4K Footage Looks Terrific – Shows How Far Smartphone Cameras Have Come

We have to admit that a Samsung Galaxy S7’s biggest improvements not only comes from the battery capacity increase, but its 12.3MP rear camera as well. Though the number of megapixels are less compared to the 16MP rear camera on Galaxy S6, less number of megapixels are actually advantageous to have on a smartphone because they allow more light to enter per pixel, thus making low-light images and videos feature a higher quality than those camera sensors that boast larger megapixels. Samsung has also managed to incorporate an F/1.7 aperture on its flagship smartphone duo, and for your knowledge, this aperture rating is the widest on any smartphone right now.

Naturally, smartphone cameras with wider apertures are expected in the near future, but Galaxy S7 and S7 edge currently hold the crown for this particular category. As for the 4K video footage, if you are able to view the sample on a 4K display, then you will easily be able to tell the quality difference rather than viewing it on a display that features a lower resolution than 3840 x 2160.

Galaxy S7 (2)

The smartphone’s internals will comprise of the company’s own developed Exynos 8890 SoC, and the device also brings back the MicroSD card slot, allowing you to have tons of storage in the palm of your hands. The maximum storage capacity of the smartphone is 200GB, so it is highly unlikely that you will be running out of storage anytime soon.

Furthermore, Samsung has incorporated a 3,600mAh battery in its Galaxy S7 edge and it features a QHD display as well. The tech giant has also managed to release a more rugged and durable version of its 5.1-inch flagship offering and has named it the Galaxy S7 Active. While it is thicker than a regular Galaxy S7, its main perk is the massive 4,000mAh cell present inside its housing, along with the same MicroSD card slot that allows you to expand your storage by 200GB.

Check out the 4K video footage and let us know what you think.