Samsung Preparing Three New Exynos Chipsets For The Future – Get All The Details Here

Omar Sohail

Realizing the imminent threat that Samsung will be facing in the near future, the company is preparing three new Exynos chipsets that will be present in its upcoming smartphones and tablets.

In Addition To Exynos 8890, Samsung Is Also Preparing Exynos 7422, And Exynos 7880

A long time ago, we reported that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 was going to feature an Exynos 7422, and sadly, that was not true. However, it did confirm that such a chipset was being developed by the company. In addition, the aforesaid SoC is not the only one that the company is making that will be present in the tech giant’s upcoming mobile devices.

As well all know thanks to our previous reports, the company’s flagship SoC is going to be named Exynos 8890, and it has been codenamed Mongoose M1. According to the previous benchmarking leak that we covered, the chip is a real powerhouse, as it should be, seeing as how Exynos 7420 obliterated the competition.

Exynos 7422 will have a minor performance upgrade over Exynos 7420, and since it will feature the lowest performance from all the three chipsets, we figure that it is going to be incorporated into entry-level devices. The chipset that will feature performance in between the high-end and entry level SoC is Exynos 7880. There has been no word surrounding the type of cores present inside these two chipsets, but we are confident to an extent that both of them will be running a combination of Cortex-A72 and Cortex-A53 cores in ARM’s big.LITTLE setup.

Last, but certainly not least, Exynos 8890 is going to be the flagship SoC of Samsung and will be present in one variant of Galaxy S7. If 7420 was such a beastly chip, imagine the new performance bar that will be set by this chipset? As for the release date, we believe that Samsung is going to demonstrate the power of its Galaxy S7 first during the second quarter of 2016, followed by the lesser performing handsets that are scheduled to be released during the later months of the mentioned year.

The South Korean tech firm will most likely be prepping the successor of its Galaxy Tab S2, but currently, we have no information what chipset is going to be present underneath its hood. What we do know is that we should expect a whole new echelon of performance from all of these three chips. Are you guys excited to see Samsung’s upcoming Exynos chipsets in action? Let us know your thoughts.


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