Galaxy S7 Could Feature Both Snapdragon 820 And Mongoose M1 Variants


Previously, we had come across a report which stated that the original name of Samsung’s next Exynos SoC was Exynos 7430 Hero, indicating that the official name for the chipset Mongoose had been revealed. Now, we have come across more information that suggests that the upcoming Galaxy S7 will not only sport a Snapdragon 820 version, but an Exynos 7430 Hero version as well.


Galaxy S7 Already Being Tested Out With Snapdragon 820 – Samsung Could Be Keeping Its Options Open With Exynos Variant

According to a source hailing from China, when the report came out detailing the official name of Mongoose, additional information concerning the chipset was that it was also going to be present in Galaxy S7. From what we know so far, Samsung has already been testing Snapdragon 820, which is a chipset that is going to be running Qualcomm’s custom Hydra cores.

Additionally, Samsung will continue the trend of incorporating its own developed chipset, seeing as how Exynos 7420 was able to bulldoze through the competition, and remaining thermally stable, unlike the Snapdragon 810. According to the latest benchmarking leak, the upcoming Exynos chipset is a force to be reckoned with, seeing as how it is able to make short work of Exynos 7420 in both the single and multi-core tests of Geekbench.

The leaked report also stated that unlike Samsung’s Exynos 7420, which features an octa-core processor, Exynos 7430 Hero is going to be running a quad-core processor at 2.4GHz. With the Galaxy S7 coming in 2016, the chipset is definitely going to be processed on the company’s 14nm FinFET process, much like the Snapdragon 820.

Samsung Exynos

Earlier, there was an AnTuTu benchmarking leak of a mysterious Samsung smartphone, and the device was able to score in excess of 95,000 points. All arrows were pointing towards Galaxy S7, but since these scores can easily be tampered with in order to show much higher score than what the mobile device is actually able to achieve, we thought we should wait for more leaks to come through.

If Samsung is planning to release Galaxy S7 in both the Snapdragon 820 and Exynos 7430 Hero variants, then we can expect both chipsets to deliver similar performance and efficiency, making the device an effective mobile powerhouse. Unfortunately, this is all the information that we have at this current point. When Galaxy S7 draws nearer to its official announcement date, we will have more details published for you.

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