Samsung Patents a Phone Running Android and Windows Side-by-Side Like Two Apps


It has always fascinated people to be able to switch between different operating systems. We have seen hackers trying to run Android on jailbroken iPhones, and Windows on Android devices. Samsung is now aiming to turn these dreams and half attempts into reality. A new patent from the company suggests that it is planning to work on a device that runs both Android and Windows Phone operating systems at the same time.

Samsung trying to run Windows on Android devices, or the vice versa

Samsung isn't new to the idea of dual booting, as the company tried to launch Ativ Q tablet, which could never make it to the consumer market. This new patent was filed way after Ativ died and shows that the Korean tech giant isn't the one to accept defeat. The patent was published yesterday showing a Galaxy-like phone running both Windows and Android and switching between them.

It isn't, however, about dual booting. The patent shows a phone that is able to load them up at the same time, allowing users to run both Windows and Android applications simultaneously, in side-by-side windows.

Samsung patents Android Windows Dual Boot Phone

It is as if you are switching between multiple apps, using Samsung's Multi Window feature. Both the operating systems will also have access to shared folders and resources. Resources can be managed between the two mobile operating systems by limiting memory usage per OS and assigning processor cores.


The application was filed in May 2015 and uses TouchWiz to show how a user will be able to drag and drop files between the two operating systems, much like how apps are treated.

While many have tried to dual-boot Windows and Android, this is probably the first attempt at treating two OSes as applications. There is no certainty if Samsung is still pursuing the idea. Windows Phone held some promise back in 2015 ahead of the launch of Windows 10 Mobile. Since the launch and almost failure of the mobile OS, it's highly unlikely of Samsung to invest in the OS anymore.