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How to Install Android 6.0 Marshmallow on Your Windows PC


Do you fancy having Android 6.0 Marshmallow on your Windows PC? Well, if you have ever wanted to have Marshmallow on Windows, it's not impossible and in fact, is quite easy to get. Here is the complete guide to help you install Android 6 on Windows PC.

install android on windows

Install Android 6.0 on a Windows computer:

The procedure to install Android 6 on Windows PC involves a few third-party programs that let you install the mobile operating system alongside your desktop OS. In for some fun? Here are all the steps.

Required files:

Steps to install Android 6 on Windows:

  1. Format your USB drive to FAT32.install android 6 on windows
  2. In the Start menu, search for "partition" and open Create and format hard drive partitions.
  3. Right click the drive you want to put Android Marshmallow onto and click Shrink Volume... install android 6 on desktop
  4. Choose the size of the drive in MBs and click Shrink.
  5. Once you have created a partition, run UNetbootin.
  6. Choose Disk image, click on (...)  and locate the gparted-live-0xxxxi686.iso file you downloaded earlier. Choose your USB drive and click OK. Press yes to confirm on the next pop-up. android on windows
  7. Enter into boot menu:
    • Restart the computer.
    • Repeatedly press F12 until a menu appears.
    • Use the arrow keys to navigate the menus, and select the device you want to boot into.
    • Press the Enter key.
  8. Using the arrow keys, select your flash drive and press Enter to click it.
  9. After seeing some text, the menu should appear. Hit Enter when GParted Live is selected. If anything else pops up, keep pressing enter until you see a window open.
  10. GParted should open up in a pop-up window.
  11. Run UNetbootin.
  12. Choose Disk image, click (...)  and navigate to the .iso file you downloaded titled android-x86-6.0-20151202.iso. Choose your USB drive and click OK.
  13. Once again, go into the boot menu and select the flash drive.
  14. The Android-x86 menu will now appear.
  15. Select Installation with your arrow keys and press enter.
  16. First, choose the ext4 partition.
  17. Press Do not format.
  18. Confirm the process in the next screens, and ta da!

install android 6 marshmallow on windows 10

You now have the choice of running Android 6.0 Marshmallow on your Windows desktop. The guide was shared by FitzWeekly where you can go for detailed steps and screenshots to help you out with the installation of Android 6.0 Marshmallow on a Windows computer. The process is a lengthy one, but if you do install Android 6 on Windows, don't forget to let us know how it went and if you actually had some fun.