Don’t Use a Screen Protector on the Galaxy Z Flip if You Value Your Warranty

Don’t Use a Screen Protector on the Galaxy Z Flip if You Value Your Warranty

What’s the first thing you do when you buy an expensive flagship? Purchase a high-quality case and a screen protector, right? Well, you’d be making the smart move here if you got yourself a shiny new Galaxy Z Flip and decided to apply a screen protector on it. The only problem is, doing so will void your warranty, and if you’re spending $1,380 on a device like this, you’ll want to take advantage of that after-sales service as much as possible.

Samsung Highlights Warranty Terms When Attaching a Screen Protector to the Galaxy Z Flip

According to the statement given below, Sammobile reports it had a word with Samsung and wanted to confirm the company’s stance on using screen protectors with the Galaxy Z Flip.

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“As outlined in the care instructions included with all Galaxy Z Flip devices, third-party adhesives such as films or stickers should not be adhered to the Galaxy Z Flip screen by customers, doing so could void the warranty.”

Sammobile also reports that it started seeing a wave of screen protectors being sold for the Galaxy Z Flip, so it wouldn’t be unusual for customers to ignore this accessory. After all, the device is retailing for $1,380 in the U.S., so it doesn’t cost a small chunk of change so users would do anything in their power to make sure this smartphone holds out as much as possible in terms of both usability and durability. Unfortunately, Samsung most likely believes that applying a screen protector might damage the fragile display of the Galaxy Z Flip.

Luckily for you, Samsung has absolutely no issues with customers using a case with the Galaxy Z Flip. In fact, the foldable handset even ships with one right out of the box. Looks like Ultra-Thin Glass technology is not yet robust to allow the use of additional protection in the form of screen protectors. Maybe in the future, when we see improved iterations of foldable smartphones, perhaps manufacturers might even start introducing its own accessories.

Until then, you’d do well to heed Samsung’s warning, unless you don’t care about voiding your warranty.

News Source: Sammobile

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