Overclocking Your Nvidia Graphics Card Might Void Your Warranty Soon

Update: We just had talk with a few NVIDIA AIB partners who have confirmed there is no such policy in existence as of yet. Overclocking Factory-overclocked GPUs does not void your warranty. 

Fudzilla’s sources back in the hardware industry have shared some interesting information that would seem rather disturbing for majority of PC hardware enthusiasts out there.

Apparently the news is if you overclock your already factory overclocked graphics card, you might have possibly voided your warranty; well that’s at least the case for AIBs towards Nvidia. The green team has even stepped out to warn its few partners from over-volting cards such as the GTX 680 OC results in warranty being voided from Nvidia towards its partner.

Nvidia has planned a series of tests for every AIB to pass that consists of TDP, noise and power regulations prescribed by them. Even if you pass 1100 MHz on your OC’ed GTX 680, say adios to your warranty for good.

We’re not sure if this affects the end user or the AIB partner but most likely in this case the consumer itself will have to bear the fate of their own enthusiasm.So if you manage to buy a card clocked at 1100 MHz and take it up to 1200 MHz while frying it in the process, Nvidia wouldn’t accept it for RMA.

So the lesser the RMAs, the better as the company seems to be cutting back on costs at this time.

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