This Mini Infograph Shows Which Samsung Galaxy Flagship Ended up Being the Best-Seller for the Firm


Samsung has had a great run with both its Galaxy and Galaxy Note series of flagship devices. However, as the competition continues to get tougher not to mention the company badly needing to remove the blemish on its brand name that’s been caused thanks to the Galaxy Note 7, the Galaxy S8 will need to be a game changer for the Android smartphone industry. The company is aiming to raise a shipment tally of 60 million units and if the rumors of what we’ve heard about the device are true, then the South Korean tech giant might actually end up selling those many units for the 2017 calendar year. For now, let us take a look at an infograph that will show us which Galaxy flagship ended up bringing in great business for the company.

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Was the Most Popular Smartphone Out of All of Them – Galaxy S5 Was Where the Company Took Notice of Its Performance

The announcement of the Galaxy S4 was by far the best event the company ever held in bringing in smartphone sales as the infograph states that the company was able to sell approximately 70 million units. With unique features such as dual-video and improved internals, the phone went onto becoming the most popular Galaxy flagship out there. That’s not to say that the Galaxy S5 that succeeded it was worse. In fact, this flagship retained the option to swap out the battery in case battery timing started degrading but at the same time, it wasn’t what you label a premium smartphone.

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During this time, OnePlus One was announced and offered users better internals for a far more affordable price tag in a premium package, which is why you could tell why Samsung had a hard time in selling the more expensive Galaxy S5. The company then decided to give its Galaxy flagship lineup a whole new aesthetic makeover, which resulted in the emergence of Galaxy S6. Users criticized the company for getting rid of the MicroSD card slot and incorporating such a tiny battery capacity for a device that was supposed to provide more to users in the battery department for the price it was being sold for.

The company then managed to wow critics and reviewers with the launch of Galaxy S7 and its larger brother, the Galaxy S7 edge. Let us hope that the company is able to provide us with an even better flagship for 2017.