Samsung Galaxy S9 Active Rumored to Be a Part of the Upcoming Flagship Lineup


Just like last year, Samsung has been reported to have a Galaxy S9 Active variant in the works and it might not take long for the tech giant to unveil the rugged version of the flagship.

List of Codenames, Which Includes the Galaxy S9 Active Has Been Uncovered - More Samsung Devices and Codenames Have Also Been Provided

Uncovered by XDA developers, given below is a list of codenames and the devices that are going to be unveiled later this year. Out of the several devices, the Galaxy S9 Active is one that features the codename ‘astarqlte’ so it comes as no surprise that we’ll be seeing yet another rugged player for those that need the extra protection.

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The letter ‘a’ in the codename ‘astarqlte’ is a reference to the ‘Active’ model while ‘q’ is a reference to a Qualcomm Snapdragon-based device. At this point, there do not have to be any speculations in mind because the Galaxy S9 Active will feature a Snapdragon 845.

  • astarqlte - Samsung Galaxy S9 Active
  • c10lte - Samsung Galaxy C10
  • c10plte - Samsung Galaxy C10 Plus
  • crown - Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • degasy18wifi
  • grandppirislte
  • gtaxlad
  • gta2xl - Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2018
  • gtesy18lte - Samsung Galaxy Tab E 2018
  • gts4llte - Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
  • j2y18lte - Samsung Galaxy J2 2018
  • j3neolte - Samsung Galaxy J3 Neo
  • j3topelte - another new Galaxy J3
  • j4lte - Samsung Galaxy J4
  • j6lte - Samsung Galaxy J6
  • j7topelte - new Galaxy J7
  • j7toplte - another new Galaxy J7
  • j8lte - Samsung Galaxy J8
  • jackpotlte
  • jackpotqlte
  • jackpot2lte
  • jackpot2qlte
  • kellylte
  • lugelte
  • star - Samsung Galaxy S9
  • star2 - Samsung Galaxy S9+

The Galaxy S9 Active could potentially come with a much larger battery capacity but its aspect ratio is probably going to be less than 18.5:9 so that the rubberized exterior can easily be incorporated into the phone. Are you excited for this unveiling? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: XDA-Developers