Here’s Another Complete Leak For Samsung’s Galaxy S8; Live Video Shows Device Very Clearly


Not a day goes by that we don't get to see a leak about the Galaxy S8. Samsung's flagship smartphone for 2017 is available in every type of information. You want renders? Here. Specifications? Here. Images? Here. Even videos, eh? Here. Every leak for the device paints a similar picture, so questions on authenticity also get answered to a major extent. Today, yet another video clip with Samsung's smartphone in it has surfaced. Take a look below for more details.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaks In A Pretty Authentic Video Showing All Black Design

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will come featuring a lot of upgrades. For starters, the Korean tech giant will greatly improve the device's display. Samsung will choose the 18:9 aspect ratio for the Galaxy S8. This will be coupled with very thin front bezels and a button free facade. The fingerprint sensor for the Galaxy S8 will shift to its rear, while the device will retain a single camera setup. Initial leaks pointed to a dual camera setup for Samsung's flagship but this feature is out of consideration according to the latest.

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As far as leaks go, today's looks to be quite authentic. It's got all the relevant markers and design aesthetics. However, this video clip of the Samsung Galaxy S8 won't be the first of its kind. Earlier, some images of the device surfaced, showing it in black. Today, a video clip of the smartphone has surfaced. It's a fully finished variant that's marked explicitly to prevent leaks. Take a look at screenshots below.

Look real close at the images above and you'll see an Iris scanner at the top for the second. We're really excited for the feature as Samsung's had a lot of time to improve it. The Korean tech giant launched the feature initially on the Galaxy Note 7. But we all know what happened with that device. So on the Galaxy S8, Samsung has had plenty of time to not only tweak the iris scanner's hardware but also software based support for the feature.

Speaking software, the Galaxy S8 will feature a lot of upgrades at that end. The device will become the first in the lineup's history to feature a dedicated virtual assistant. Termed as Bixby, it'll have a separate button for access and do everything current VA's on the market are able to. The Galaxy S8 will also feature desktop like connectivity through a feature termed 'Dex'. Via Dex, you'll be able to hook your smartphone to a monitor and utilize its powerful 10nm processor even more. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated.