Samsung Galaxy S5 Launch Date Leaked!

CES 2014 is almost upon us and quite a bit of interesting gadgets have been revealed. The MWC and the CES have a gap of about two months. According to a recent report, Samsung's upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S5 is slated to be unveiled at the MWC when it takes place in late February.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Launch Date

Samsung Galaxy S5 Launch Date = MWC

The rumored specifications of the Galaxy S5 are exciting. The smartphone will sport a 5.25 Quad HD display of AMOLED type. We may get to see the Exynos 6, the 64 bit enabled upcoming chipset by Samsung is the all the hype these days.

According to the report, the Head of the Design Team at Samsung's IT and mobile communication division confirmed the Galaxy S5 launch date. However only this was revealed as the executive did not answer any other question. The executive, Dong-hoon Chang is a senior officer at Samsung therefore his word does have some credibility.

Galaxy S5 concept

The report also mentions that the Galaxy S5 is a name open to change .Already Samsung has started releasing phones bearing single alphabets as their model names, Galaxy J as an example. In the future we can expect the name S5 to change.( Interestingly reversing it makes 5S, the name of the Apple iPhone 5S).

The Galaxy S5 has had a good round of rumors, from the metal body hype to the somewhat absurd iris sensor. Expect Samsung to miss the Galaxy S5 launch at CES which is due next week. Samsung may instead treat you with it's Galaxy Gear 2, not that its overly liked.

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