Samsung Rumored to Drop Its Dual-Aperture Feature on the Galaxy S20 After Running It for Only Two Years

Galaxy S20 Dual-Aperture Mode May Be Dropped in Favor of Better Features

The Galaxy S20 ought to be one of Samsung’s most hyped-up devices in recent times, owing to various alleged upgrades such as a 108MP primary sensor and 10x optical zoom. Then again, a flagship can only have that many features and the new ones will also render some of the previous ones useless. Perhaps that’s why Galaxy S20 dual aperture has been reportedly axed.

Dual-aperture sensors were introduced by Samsung with the Galaxy S9. The technology uses shutters to open or close the camera to allow more or less light in and change the focal distance. The option of two F-stop settings improved camera performance in various lighting conditions, helped with a bokeh effect and prevented overexposure of extremely bright scenes. It seems like sensors in Samsung’s upcoming flagship will make a Galaxy S20 dual aperture mode pointless and hence it has been reportedly done away with.

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Moreover, the variable aperture feature was considered gimmicky by many, which also explains why no other manufacturer was eager to replicate it. That being said, changeable apertures did have their own benefits, and thus it will be interesting to see if we will be experiencing the tech in any of Samsung’s other phones or if it has been retired for good.

In related news, in addition to the Galaxy S20 dual aperture mode, Dual-PD has apparently been nixed too. Dual-PD, which supposedly refers to the Phase Detect technology, enables a more accurate focus on any object. The technology comes from high-end DSLRs and mirrorless cameras and it is hard to say why it’s being removed on the Galaxy S20.

Since the tip about the demise of the two features comes from reliable tipsters, we are inclined to believe they are true, but without official confirmation, nothing is set in stone yet and we will have to wait until next month to find out more.

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News Source: Twitter (Max Weinbach)

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