Samsung Will Launch Three Galaxy S10 Variants, With A Triple Camera Setup And Virtual Fingerprint Sensing


The Samsung Galaxy S10 is one unorthodox device when we take a look at its rumors. Generally, information for gadgets starts to surface five-six months prior to their launch. However, details for the Galaxy S10 have surfaced well over a year before its expected launch. This suggests two possibilities. Either Samsung really needs to control its flow of information, or the Korean tech giant is eager to build up hype for the next Galaxy S.

After all, despite arranging mega-launches for the lineup, the company consistently fails to maintain sales momentum for the iconic flagship smartphones year after year. Today, we've got some big news for the Samsung Galaxy S10. Take a look below to find out more.

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Samsung's Galaxy S10 Will Launch In Three Variants As Seoul Will Celebrate Lineup's Tenth Anniversary And Aim To Diversify Its High-End User Base

Right now, the rumor mill is making some wild claims for the Samsung Galaxy S10. Claims of virtual fingerprint recognition for the device are back again as a lot of sources expect that Samsung will finally debut the technology on the Galaxy S lineup next year. Rumors of the feature are circulating since the Galaxy S8, and the stars finally look to align for Samsung next year.

Samsung is also rumored to launch the device in January 2019, as it looks to gain a headstart in the year. Some sources also believe that by doing so, the company will make room for its foldable smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy. However, right now we're not seeing any concrete leaks for such a device, so take any information related to it with a grain of salt.

A fresh report out of South Korea also suggests that the company will take a different approach with the Galaxy S10. It will now launch three devices, looking to cater toward all categories of customers with the smartphones. It's interesting to note that Apple is also rumored to launch three iPhones this year, with the LCD iPhone 9 aimed towards price-conscious users. As we move forward in the smartphone world, the giants are feeling the heat from budget flagship devices such as the Xiaomi Mi8 and the OnePlus 6.

Samsung Will Launch Three Galaxy S10 Variants With Single, Dual And Triple Camera Setups; Screen Sizes Will Measure At 5.8", 5.8" And 6.1" For The Trio Respectively

The next jump in the flagship smartphone industry is upon us folks. Innovation's getting really hard, as its takes manufacturers years to come up with seemingly small upgrades. Therefore, since the incentive for users to upgrade is decreasing every year, companies are hard-pressed to find novel ways to demonstrate balance sheet revenue growth. Apple tried its best with the $1000 iPhone X, as it aimed at two birds with one stone.

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Now, it's Samsung's turn. The Korean tech giant's Galaxy S devices are notorious for losing sales momentum as the year progresses. To rectify this, Samsung will launch three Galaxy S10 devices next year, according to a fresh report from the Korean ETNews, who cites several 'industry sources'. These devices will carry a single, dual and triple camera setup with screen sizes of 5.8", 5.8" and 6.1" respectively. The 5.8", single camera variant (Beyond 0) will serve as a base model to expand its user base.

The 6.1" device, codenamed as 'Beyond 2" will demonstrate Samsung's technological muscle, ensuring investors and users that the company is not falling behind others in innovational terms. Additionally, Beyond 0, Beyond 1 and Beyond 2 will also serve as celebratory devices for the lineup's tenth anniversary, with Samsung also choosing to equip the triple-camera variant with virtual fingerprint sensing. The company is hesitant to apply new technologies across devices after the Note 7 fiasco and Beyond 2 might be the only device with the feature.

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News Source: ETNews