Galaxy S10 Might Have Five Colors If Samsung’s One UI Matches Lineup

Ramish Zafar

Korean tech giant Samsung is holding its Samsung Developers Conference in San Francisco California, and the first day of SDC '18 shed some light on the company's heavily rumored folding smartphone. While we'll get to this device in a bit, the conference which is covering a lot of different subject areas also included Samsung's One UI interface. The interface might have a cryptic detail that will be present on Samsung's Galaxy S10 lineup if we take a look at some previous rumors and make a big leap of faith. Take a look below for more details.

Samsung's One UI Will Contain Several Different Color Themes Which Might Correspond To Next Year's Galaxy S10 Lineup

Samsung has detailed a brand new UI for its devices. Dubbed as the 'One UI' (top points for creativity, Samsung), the interface will have color themes that are similar to the color of the device's chassis. Samsung claims that this feature is a result of user feedback. During One UI's introduction, Samsung's Jee Won Lee outlined the different colors that the interface will adopt. These are Gray, Blue, Pink, Green and White.

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As also noted by PhoneArena, these color options can signal color options for the Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup. While as a standalone fact, this conclusion is nothing but wild conjecture. However, when it's taken in tandem with earlier reports of color variants for the next Galaxy S smartphones from Samsung, we can't help but wonder.

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We've seen three separate reports from different sources claim that Samsung is considering at least five different color options for the Galaxy S10 lineup. The first report (and a third) claimed that Samsung will launch the smartphones in Black, White, Green, Silver and Pink. On the other hand, the second report listed Black, Gray, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow as potential color options for the Galaxy S10 lineup. As it's evident, all the color options present on Samsung's One UI are also highlighted in earlier leaks, so it's not far-fetched to concretely assume that Samsung might indeed diversify the S10 lineup.

There's also a more realistic possibility that the entry-level Galaxy S10, dubbed as the 'Galaxy S10 Lite' by some will be the only device to feature a variety of color options. Samsung will undoubtedly look to differentiate the three rumored Galaxy S10 variants, and color options such as Gold will naturally suit a premium sub-category. If true, then the Korean tech giant will also have to add a Gold color theme in One UI.

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