Samsung Could Be Launching a Total of Five Different Galaxy S10 Color Models to Maximize Sales

Samsung Galaxy S10 5 color models

In addition to launching its flagships with a unique design, these devices often ship with various color models to diversify their selling tactics. After all, some customers might not just desire a design differentiation, but they will also clamor that the device they’ve been waiting for a significant period offers them a color variant of their choosing. Samsung might be looking to capitalize on the sales of the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus by making sure that both these devices not just sport a unique design, but they should also ship with five different color models.

Additional Galaxy S10 Color Models Could Help Boost Sales for Samsung as Its Galaxy Note 9 Does Not Appear to Have the Same Effect

The Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, and the cheaper Galaxy S10 might be available in both black and white according to the reports. Samsung is also working on an updated Silver variant in order to attract customers that are looking for something different. A pink flavored Galaxy S10 might also be accompanied with an Emerald Green one, giving lots of choices to the customer.

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This color lineup for Galaxy S10 models have yet to be confirmed by Samsung, so we do not know the final decision made by the Korean tech giant. Considering the flagship launch is at least five months away, Samsung has ample time to adjust its decisions.

Coming to the remaining specifications of the Galaxy S10, they include a triple-camera system that will retain the Galaxy S9’s 12MP F/1.5-2.4 variable aperture lens as its primary sensor. A ‘super wide-angle’ 16MP =snapper can be expected with a 13MP F/2.4 lens to complete the entire setup, at least at the backside. However, this tri-camera configuration might only be available on the higher end Galaxy S10 Plus, while the Galaxy S10 would have a humble dual-camera setup maintaining the affordability factor.

Also talked in the leaked reports is a face-recognizing 3D-sensing camera, as seen on iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max but called ‘Face ID’ instead. Due to these advancements in the facial recognition department, we do not believe that the upcoming flagship lineup from Samsung will feature an iris scanner. Which color variant of the Galaxy S10 are you most likely to pick up? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

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News Source: Twitter (Samsung News)

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