Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will Sport a 6.3 inch Display – SGS4 Website

Even after the release of Samsung's highly lauded Galaxy S 4, rumors surrounding the Samsung Galaxy line up never stop. This time it is the official Samsung Galaxy S4's Game Pad page on the dedicated micro-site that is talking about supporting bigger screen sizes.

Galaxy Note

The Galaxy Note II carries an almost giant-for-a-smartphone screen size at 5.5 inches, it looks like the phablet lineup is looking for even bigger dimensions. The Samsung Galaxy Note collection of smartphones blurs the line between smartphones and tablets with their vibrant and larger screens, and come equipped with a stylus. The latest Galaxy Note II device sports an enormous 5.5 inches large display. But if the rumors are true, even this size would be overshadowed by that of Samsung Galaxy Note 3's.

As far as the Game Pad is concerned, it is a Bluetooth game controller for Samsung phones which was revealed at the Galaxy S4 launch. The company had also launched a dedicated micro-site for Galaxy S4 to go along with it where Game Pad has been given its own page. The official blurb says that the Game Pad will work for screen sizes of "4- to 6.3-inches" which of course suggests that Samsung's next generation of Note will be bringing a bigger screen.


This might be a trick from Samsung to future-proof its gaming devices and accessories but this much size might not hit the cords well. Previously rumors coming from Korea had too suggested that Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be sporting a 6.3-inch display so this news does not come as a shocker.

Among the criticism of size of Note II earlier, the smartphone did acquire a large fanbase in UK, US and Asian markets but more increased size might affect this fandom since even the largest hands cannot play around a 6.3" phone - imagine the horrors of taking calls on that phone when you can't find any earphones. But let's not be too pessimistic and play wait-N-see until Samsung reveals some details about the device.

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