Samsung Confirms Its Foldable Smartphone Will Be Shown at Its Galaxy S10 Launch Event With the Tagline ‘the Future Unfolds’


Samsung is widely expected to launch its Galaxy S10 line on February 20, and there were rumors that the Korean giant would unveil its foldable smartphone at the launch event too. The Korean behemoth has pretty much confirmed that its unnamed handset will pave the way as the future of the industry. While the official name of the foldable smartphone has been kept in the dark for quite a while, there are other specifics of the device that we’ll recap here.

Samsung Shares Images of Billboards in Paris, Confirming the Presence of the Foldable Smartphone at the February 20 Launch Event

In Korean, Samsung has two billboards in Paris which when translated, reveal the taglines that are read as ‘the future unfolds’ and ‘February twentieth’. XDA Developers’ eagle eyes managed to uncover this, thereby confirming that Samsung will unveil its highly anticipated foldable smartphone during the Galaxy S10 launch event. While the device will be shown, it’s not confirmed if Samsung is planning a commercial launch.

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As of right now, it is rumored that the upcoming smartphone will have two batteries, equaling 6200mAh in capacity. The handset is also said to sport a large 7.3-inch screen when completely unfolded, and it will be able to run three apps simultaneously thanks to Samsung’s OneUI interface. The internal specifications are not yet known, but it’s possible Samsung utilizes its home-grown Exynos silicon. However, there are reports the company will make limited units so it can gauge the market’s response.

The price is another rumor that’s not been kept under wraps, but the figure has varied. The foldable smartphone is said to cost around $1800, but a different rumor mentions a steep $2500 price. When it comes to the pricing, we want you to take this information with a pinch of salt, but do note that because of the engineering expertise it took to make such a device, the foldable smartphone could cost more than the iPhone XS Max.

Samsung did not have the best business during 2018, and even though it retained the top-position of the world’s leading smartphone brand, sales of the company’s devices plummeted. Perhaps the launch of the Galaxy S10 range and the foldable handset is precisely what the technology behemoth needs to bring its position to former glories.

News Source: Samsung