Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus With 5G Modem Rumored to Get a Battery Much Bigger Than the One Found in the Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus With 5G Modem

It was recently alleged that the upcoming Galaxy S10 Plus will pack in a massive 4000mAh battery, which is the same capacity as the Galaxy Note 9’s battery. However, the cell found in the top-tier version that’s equipped with a 5G modem is rumored to eclipse all those figures. Sadly, if you intend to purchase the Galaxy S10 E down the road, it’s reported that the base version will feature a measly a 3100mAh battery.

Latest Rumor Also States the Battery Capacity of Samsung’s Upcoming Foldable Phone; Total Capacity Bigger Than the Galaxy S10 Plus 5G Variant

According to a new rumor, the 5G variant of the Galaxy S10 Plus will have a gigantic 5000mAh battery. Internally codenamed Beyond X, it makes sense for the 5G version of the Galaxy S10 Plus to have a gargantuan battery as it will reportedly sport a massive 6.7-inch display and because the 5G modem will make the phone unit consume additionally juice. The battery unit might be the same as the one that will run the show for the upcoming midrangers, Galaxy M20 and M30.

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The latest round of rumors also claims that Samsung’s foldable smartphone will have two batteries, each of which would be 3100mAh. This means that the combined battery capacity would be 6200mAh and would easily last at least three days, but that will depend on the owner’s usage. You normally see such huge batteries inside tablets, not inside smartphones, but since Samsung’s upcoming foldable smartphone can take up the form factor of a tablet, it would most likely be best off with a huge battery.

Since 5G and foldable displays are nascent technologies, both the Galaxy S10 Plus 5G variant and Samsung’s foldable phone would be most probably be priced at north of a $1000. That’s why these devices will be released in select locations initially. The 5G-enabled Galaxy S10 Plus will most likely be released in the U.S. and South Korea initially, and the foldable device might only be available in Samsung’s home country during the first months after its launch.

The top-tier Galaxy S10 Plus will also feature a dual-front camera, with reports stating that the flagship will also get a quadruple camera at the back, or a triple sensor solution at the very least. The launch of all these devices will happen very soon, so stay tuned for more updates down the road.

News Source: GalaxyClub

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