Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Might Not Be Available for the Public Until Next Year, Despite Getting Demoed Next Week

Samsung foldable smartphone arrive customers q2 2019

While Samsung initially had a head start over other manufacturers in the foldable smartphone race, reported delays gave other companies plenty of time to catch up. Samsung had said earlier that it will unveil its foldable smartphone next month. Normally devices are released within months of their unveiling, but the case is entirely different here.

Samsung Reportedly Undecided About Certain Things Related to Its Foldable Smartphone, Including Its Design

A foldable smartphone is unlike any other. Samsung has to consider a lot of things whilst ensuring the phone is durable before bringing it to the market. The unit that the South Korean giant will demo at the Samsung Developer Conference next month is likely to be a working prototype as Samsung is reportedly still undecided about certain aspects of the design of the phone. That is why it is unlikely that the device will be commercialized anytime soon.

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According to a new report, the earliest that you can expect to buy the phone is the second quarter of 2019, which is the same time when other companies like Huawei are expected to release their own folding smartphones. Design issues aside, the demo next month will also give developers plenty of time to tweak their apps according to the new form factor. Apparently, Samsung is already working with Google to make a special version of Android for its foldable phone.

Since Samsung is taking so long to release its foldable phone, it cannot expect the new phone to sell well by virtue of being foldable only, as there would be a couple of foldable smartphones on the market next year. That is why it is essential that the company makes a durable device that is actually useful. Samsung hasn’t been doing particularly well in the smartphone market lately and it is essential that its next phone has a compelling USP in order to sell well.

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News Source: Bloomberg

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