Samsung Executive Reveals That Galaxy S8 Isn’t Going to Be Announced at MWC 2017


MWC, or Mobile World Congress for the year 2017 is going to be missing one device from its illustrious lineup and as much as we wanted to see the Galaxy S8 getting announced at this global event, we respect Samsung’s decision immensely of wanting to make the official announcement of the upcoming flagship go as smoothly as possible.

Samsung’s Mobile Chief Reportedly States That the Galaxy S8 Isn’t Going to Be Announced at the MWC 2017

Dong-jin Koh (via Reuters) has reportedly confirmed that Galaxy S8 and its expected larger counterpart isn’t going to be announced during the MWC 2017, which is all set to kick off in Barcelona on February 27. This is in line with a rumor which stated that the flagship was going to be announced during the month of April at an event taking place in New York City.

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The Galaxy S8 edge is rumored to be the larger of the two flagships, and Samsung has been reported to produce 10 million smartphone units for the initial shipment, which should help the company recover the revenue lost thanks to the Note7. As part of its extremely ambitious plan, Samsung intends to ship approximately 60 million Galaxy S8 units, so let us see the level of progress the company is able to achieve when more flagship smartphones are launched.

There are numerous details revealed about the Galaxy S8 but the screen size is not one of them. On one hand, Samsung is prepping 5.7 and 6.2-inch models, while another report states that a 6-inch model is going to be announced. Rumor also has it that the company is preparing a flat screen version of the flagship, hence the Galaxy S8 edge is presented here. Regardless, we feel that this is the right approach since the regular version should be cheaper and would allow proper grip for users in comparison to curved-edge screen models.

Galaxy S8 has also been rumored to come with its own Continuum feature, which should be a great addition for casual Android smartphone owners wanting to stretch the functionality of their high-end handset by transforming it into a makeshift productivity machine. We’ll have all the necessary details for you in the future, but as far as the MWC 2017 trade show goes, you will not be seeing the S8 there.