Samsung Rumored to Produce a Hefty Number of Galaxy S8 Units for Its April Launch Period


In more than one way, the Galaxy Note 7 saga might actually bring out the best from Samsung as far as the announcement of Galaxy S8 is concerned. Rumored to get announced during the month of April in New York City, the latest info from the rumor mill states that the company will produce a huge number of units in order to steamroll the competition.

Latest Rumor States That Samsung Is Aiming to Produce 10 Million Galaxy S8 Units in Order to Get the Momentum Going

If the latest report from ETNews is to be believed, then Samsung is expected to produce a total of 10 million Galaxy S8 units for the initial run of the upcoming flagship’s announcement. Bear in mind that Samsung also produced a total of 10 million Galaxy S7 units, and that actually became one of the biggest revenue generators for the company for its mobile division, so it looks like the same step is going to be repeated.

A Samsung Phone is Once Again America’s Favorite

The announcement of the S8 is said to take place in New York City. Announcing the flagship in the United States is actually a good move since this country generates the largest amount of revenue from smartphone sales compared to any other region on the planet. The Galaxy S8 has already entered the testing phase, most likely because Samsung wants the announcement and the rest of the months that follow to go smoothly after that. Exploding phones are detrimental to a company’s reputation, even if that company is Samsung.

As for the rest of the specifications, the Galaxy S8 is said to come in larger screen sizes, possibly to help future customers forget about the Note 7 as quickly as possible. These screen sizes will be advantageous in featuring a larger battery capacity and providing a larger screen real estate. However, some analysts have predicted that because Samsung intends to announce an ‘all-curved screen’ S8, it might not bode well with some users, and that’s probably because the curved edges end up making the smartphone difficult to grip and becomes a costly trip to the service center if the screen gets damaged or shattered.

What we’re really hoping to see from Samsung’s flagship are better quality speakers, so hopefully the Galaxy S8 will be thoroughly improved in those areas where the Galaxy S7 lagged behind. Would your next upgrade be the Galaxy S8? Let us know down in the comments.