Samsung Announces LPDDR5X DRAM for Smartphones; 1.3x Faster Than LPDDR5 With Speeds up to 8.5Gbps

Omar Sohail
Samsung Announces LPDDR5X DRAM for Smartphones; 1.3x Faster Than LPDDR5 RAM With Speeds up to 8.5Gbps

Pushing the boundaries of chip development, Samsung today officially announced LPDDR5X DRAM chips for smartphones and other applications. Compared to the LPDDR5 standard, the new chips bring increased speeds, and it will be no surprise that we will see them in action in several 2022 flagship handsets.

Samsung’s LPDDR5X DRAM Chips Are Also Significantly More Power-Efficient Than LPDDR5

During Samsung’s announcement, the company stated the following regarding its development of new DRAM chips.

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“In recent years, hyperconnected market segments such as AI, augmented reality (AR) and the metaverse, which rely on extremely fast large-scale data processing, have been rapidly expanding. Our LPDDR5X will broaden the use of high-performance, low-power memory beyond smartphones and bring new capabilities to AI-based edge applications like servers and even automobiles.”

In contrast to LPDDR5’s 6.4Gbps maximum bandwidth, LPDDR5X can achieve 1.3-times the performance with processing speeds that go up to 8.5Gbps. Samsung has used its 14nm technology to mass produce the next-generation DRAM chips, and it will be advantageous for portable devices too because the new standard is 20 percent more energy-efficient than LPDDR5.


Samsung will be developing 16Gb LPDDR5X chips that will enable the South Korean giant to churn out 64GB memory packages, with the goal to expand beyond mobile markets. Samsung has also said that it will be working with many chipset manufacturers to make the LPDDR5X standard reach common ground, though the company has not explicitly mentioned who it will be collaborating with.

With the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21 series featuring LPDDR5 chips, it will not be surprising to see LPDDR5X chips featured in the upcoming Galaxy S22 family. With Apple using the previous-generation LPDDR4X chips in its iPhone 13 family, we do not believe it will source these LPDDR5X chips from Samsung, but we can see them leveraging LPDDR5 ones instead.

Do you think there will be an actual benefit migrating to the new standard of DRAM chips? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: Samsung

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