The Saints Come Marching In The Latest Hitman: Absolution Trailer

Earlier we saw a mysterious image showing off 8 women holding a variety of weapons but while I wagered the guess of a multiplayer mode of the game I couldn't have been any wrong. As it turns out IO Interactive is planning on expanding Agent 47's list of enemies with Nun's who like to dress in skimpy clothes and who carry some very big guns. But in the end 8 Nuns Versus 1 Agent 47 aren't very fair odds now are they?

While these have to be one of Agent 47's most unique line of enemies I would say that this can either be a good turn of events for the game or help make it stray from the path, but then again Ubisoft did nearly the same thing with Splinter Cell: Conviction a couple of years ago and it worked out for the better for the most part, employing a change of enemies once in a while to refresh a game is never a bad idea but i this case I would say that this helps the game earn the Mature / Adult rating on PEGI / ESRB.

As you can see these Nun's have anything but a prayer for our beloved Agent 47 as they get taken down one by one in the rain by our favorite well dressed angel of Death, I have no doubt that this game will be good and even be the best in the series for fans who got tired of the slow paced action of the previous games and wanted something that didn't require them to bring the game up to a certain speed by completing a certain set of events in the progress.

I am not going to lie when I say that this is definitely a good addition to the game and hopefully it will work out for the better end in helping the story stay fresh and alive as Agent 47 doesn't need to worry about the police being after his bald head anymore, it seems he will have more on his hands than ever before.

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