Puzzling Image Shows Hint At Hitman: Absolution for E3 2012

Hitman: Absolution is going to be first Hitman game after a very long time but it seems that this time Hitman isn't going to be all about an assassin for hire with a bar code on the back of his neck who is out for blood for someone he loves, a new mysterious image has surfaced which shows the silhouettes of 8 women holding a variety of weapons, could this be a hint of multiplayer in the game with women or could this be something else entirely? I am hoping its multiplayer but multiplayer in the Hitman world could be quite the gamble unless they make it similar to Assassins Creed style of Multiplayer.

While Hitman: Absolution is a game where 47 is planning to go against the rules of the agency it seems that the game could come equipped with a multiplayer component which seems to be the growing trend and for games like Assassins Creed it happened to work out very well. In the above image there are 8 women holding a variety of weapons, this can either mean that there will be a 4 v 4 or an 8 v 8 multiplayer mechanic in the game but instead of dawning the suit of Agent 47 and his character you will appear to be dressing up as women.

While this is a teaser image for a trailer set to reveal on May 30th 2012 its the safest guess to say that its definitely multiplayer for the game, what else could 8 women in a line up possibly indicate? I am hoping that even if the studio is planning to implement multiplayer they implement like Ubisoft did with Assassins Creed series as both games may not have the same method of operation and different approaches for "assassinations" but both have one thing in common, their goals are to kill their targets as stealthily as possible without getting caught or raising an alarm.

What do you guys think the image could be? Leave your guesses in the comments : D

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