Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date

Rafia Shaikh

Following the trends set by Samsung's current flagship, the highly acclaimed Samsung Galaxy S4, the upcoming Galaxy S5 is also being rumored about already. Before even 2014 starts, the rumors and leaked images have started heating up. God knows how many of them will be trashed later and how many will be spot on. However, we will try out best to keep ourselves saner enough and not get too frenzied about things.

Samsung Galaxy S5 release date:

But can we help it? Nope! So here's another Samsung Galaxy S5 rumor hinting at its release. Samsung Galaxy S5 release date is rumored to be early 2014 as the production is set to start in January. There is a surprise though. Unlike before (and following Apple?), Samsung will be launching two models of Galaxy S5 with the premium version made out of metal! The premium Samsung Galaxy S5 will use a new design and flexible display while the other model will come in plastic.  galaxy s5 release date

This latest Samsung Galaxy S5 release date rumor comes from ETNews which has claimed that Samsung is starting Galaxy S5 mass production in January. Normally, Samsung starts production in March / April so if ETNews is right, this time Samsung surely is going for earlier Galaxy S5 launch date.

ETNews also claims that Samsung Galaxy S5 could be released in February. This date doesn't seem too off-mark as this year's Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched in March and released in April. SGS4 release was timed earlier than SGS3 launch on May / June of previous year. If we follow this trend, it is quite expected that Samsung Galaxy S5 release date is somewhere in Jan / Feb.

As yet, SGS5 rumors include a 5-inch display, 16MP camera, 64-bit processor 4,000 mAh massive battery, 3GB RAM and of course the Android 4.4 KitKat. Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors keep barraging in giving us some good glimpses of what to expect from the next gen Samsung smartphone.

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