Rovio Image Teases Angry Birds Star Wars Prequel !

Usman Pirzada

Ok how many of you were expecting a Angry Bird Star Wars Prequel ? I doubt there’s anyone who doesn’t like smashing funnily dressed birds quivering with rage at annoying little pigs. And needless to say the Angry Birds Franchise has hit it big. However a recent tease image has spread all over the internet and screams Prequel all over the place. More specifically Angry Birds Star Wars of Episode I, II and III.

Rovio Image Teases Angry Birds Star Wars Prequel !

In typical teasing style Rovio Officals stated the following "Attention, Angry Birds fans! Stay tuned on Monday, July 15th, for big news about a brand new game", “We're talking the biggest character line-up ever, awesome new powers, and maybe even a few surprises!" Along with this single picture:

In this picture of the upcoming Rovio Angry Birds Star Wars Prequel there a lone angry bird in the middle of a desert landscape. Now I am not a big fan of Star Wars (Trekkie all the way!) but I am pretty sure that little angry bird is dressed up as Annakin Skywalker and the shadow his soon to be Evil self.

This particular setting and character hints at possibly a game containing elements from Star Wars Episode I, II and III. Sadly there’s only so much one can extract from a single picture. However the ominous 15 July written in red letters makes it a very easy bet that Rovio is getting ready to dish out Big News about this New (and improved ? )Angry Birds Star Wars Prequel.

Rovio has been struggling to define itself as a much broader entity then just Angry Birds and this year has seen release on release of franchises. From the instantly successful launch of the Amazing Alex (a more physics oriented version of Angry Birds) to the launch of “The Croods” (in collaboration with Dreamworks.

It appears that Rovio is not yet ready to let go of the landmine that is the rights to use Star Wars Characters in an Angry Bird game, and lets be honest after the brilliant game that was Angry Birds Star Wars, who blames them. So Star Wars and Angry Birds fans keep your fingers crossed for the coming Monday for the release of the possible Angry Birds Star Wars Prequel !

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