A Revamped HTC One M8 Coming Tomorrow? Company All Set For Launch

Looks like things have started to speed up in HTC One Max territory. Just a week back we saw a leak which covered the device's expected specifications quite nicely. The company's original HTC One Max failed to gain market traction, partially due to it's low range specifications. But if what we hear about the HTC One Max M8 are true, then HTC might have a stunner on it's hands indeed.

According to last week's report, the HTC One Max M8 will come with a 5.5 inch QHD display and a Snapdragon 805 on board. This will be supplemented by 3 GB of RAM and a 16 MP rear shooter. Battery specifications are reasonable as well, with the device expected to sport a 3000 mAh battery.

Today's news however is linked to the HTC One M8. On it's twitter account, the manufacturer has posted a GIF teaser which shows a HTC One M8 with a larger camera sensor. Take a look below.

HTC Posts GIF Teaser On Twitter Account - Potential New HTC One M8 Launch Tomorrow?

HTC's Eye series of phones have been rumored to be in the works for quite a while. As the name suggests, the Eye series will feature devices with improved photographic capabilities. The company is looking to target the selfie fad in particular with this range of phones.

An interesting detail that might be present are the numbers present on the GIF. While they represent tomorrow's launch date for the HTC eye series, they could also mean something else entirely. An active speculation is that perhaps the digits represent the megapixel count on the new (expected) HTC One M8 Eye.

If true, then this could end up increasing the device's popularity particularly among those users whose usage focuses primarily around snapshots and digital image capturing. We'll find out soon enough, so stay tuned for a potential new array of phones from the Taiwanese manufacturer.

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