Perfect Time to Get Yourself a Robovac! Roborock’s 3 Best-Selling Vacuum Cleaners Get a Flash 24-Hr Discount


Roborock successfully disrupted the smart cleaning industry by introducing robovacs that not only feature top-of-the-line specs but are also designed to be sustainable and affordable. Instead of vacuum cleaners with price tags of $1000+, the company convinced us all that you can get all of the goodness in almost half of that price, and sometimes even less. Year after year, every new release from Roborock makes sure of that promise: quality with affordability.

But, there have been some models that have received a cult-like following and consistently solid reviews. While Roborock vacuum cleaners get discounts during Black Friday and holiday promo days, it is rare for all these popular models getting discounted at the same time.

24-hr flash sale: S4 Max, S5 Max, S6 MaxV

The company is offering up to 31% off on some of its top-selling robot vacuum cleaners. Valid for just 24 hours, the discounted prices are live between 12:01 am to 11:55 pm PDT today only (August 13). Offers include:

Discounts are valid until 11:55pm PDT, tonight.  

Roborock S6 MaxV sweep-n-mop: pro at obstacle recognition and avoidance ($524.99 today)

Perfect for homes with kids and pets, Roborock S6 MaxV is a premium addition to the company's S series. Featuring proprietary ReactiveAI obstacle avoidance technology and Qualcomm APQ8053, S6 MaxV is the most efficient at avoiding obstacles. Some of its top highlights include:

  • Multi-floor plans with independent no-mop zones, no-go zones, and invisible walls
  • Obstacle recognition and avoidance
  • Advanced mopping with the ability to tailor water flow by the room
  • Twin cameras that let you monitor your home (only live; data isn't stored)
  • 2500Pa of suction
  • High capacity 290ml water tank provides app-controlled, customized mopping
  • 67dB low volume, non-disruptive cleaning

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S5 Max: affordable option with both sweeping and mopping functions ($379.99 today)

S5 Max is consistently the most-selling smart vacuum cleaner and a winner of the IF Design awards. This is the recommended model if you don't want to spend too much but need both the sweeping and mopping function. This isn't some cheap model that would stop working after a couple of years. Build like a premium robovac, this was one of the high-end smart vacuum cleaners until the release of newer models like the S6 MaxV.

  • 290ml of water tank
  • High-precision laser navigation system scans at 300RPM
  • Custom water flow and spring-loaded mop
  • Multi-level mapping systems

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Roborock S4 Max: best vacuum-only option ($309.99 today)

S4 Max brings Roborock’s acclaimed robotic intelligence exclusively to vacuuming. Ideal for multi-level homes and small offices, this robovac has every top feature, from app control to invisible walls, automatic room recognition, and custom cleaning modes. Some of its top features include:

  • Automatic Carpet Boost
  • 2000Pa of suction power
  • Multi-level mapping systems
  • 10 no-go zones and 10 invisible walls are available for every level
  • High precision LiDAR navigation scans up to 300RPM
  • Comprehensive scheduling with the ability to set different schedules for days of the week, times of day, rooms, suction strength, and more
  • Washable HEPA-Type E11 filters
  • 5200mAh battery

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Tired of lockdown cleaning? Now is the time to automate your home cleaning on a budget with today's discounts from Roborock! For a comprehensive comparison, check out our buying guide. 

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