Riley Rover Camera Is The Perfect Robot Companion For Your Home

A company known as iPatrol unveiled a new sentry robot which has an HD camera and is called Riley. The small robot travels about in your home on its two rubber strips, which are like tank treads. The bot also has the ability to look around in the dark and features a 5MP camera with motion detector installed in it. The little bot also alerts you by sending you a notification through the attached app on your cell phone in case any motion is detected.

The Riley robot can be a perfect home companion

The robot can be easily operated through the apps currently available to both iOS as well as Android users. The application can connect through the use of WiFi and hence provides notifications on the phone when necessary. Because of the use of the internet, the video recorded in HD, once saved can be viewed from anywhere across the globe.

The robot also possesses the microphones and speakers, with which you can alert nearby walkers or even the police if needed. So in essence Riley is like a home monitoring device which can also act as pet companion. So if you don't want to go over the hassle of owning a real pet, you can just get a Riley.

"Riley is a smart and mobile companion that monitors your home with real-time video," said iPATROL’s Founder Rodney Lo. "Unlike most home-security devices, Riley is mobile and can travel on most any surface without getting stuck, thanks to its rugged tank treads."


The robot costs $229 and has got a rechargeable battery in it. It also has the ability to self dock itself for the charging when the battery is about to end. This version is up with a better quality camera and charging capacity in it as well.

"Riley is not just a home-monitoring tool," continued Lo. "Riley helps you feel like you’re in two places at once."

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