MSI GeForce RTX 2080 DUKE OC 8 GB Graphics Card Review – $829.99 US For Tri-Frozr Cooler on Founders Edition PCB



MSI GeForce RTX 2080 DUKE OC

September 2018
Type Graphics Cards
Price $829.99 US

MSI GeForce RTX 2080 DUKE OC Power Consumption

I compiled the power consumption results by testing each card under idle and full stress when the card was running games. Each graphics card manufacturer sets a default TDP for the card which can vary from vendor to vendor depending on the extra clocks or board features they plug in on their custom cards. The default TDP for the RTX 2080 is 215W while the MSI custom model has a TDP of 245W.

Also, it's worth noting that the 12nm FFN process from TSMC is a refinement of their 16nm FF node. NVIDIA is cramping even larger amount of transistors and more cores than their previous cards, making it one of the densest chip built to date. It's likely to consume a lot of power and the results are reflective of that.

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In the case of our MSI GeForce, RTX 2080 TI Gaming X Trio featured two 8 pins and a single 6 pin connector. The system power draw was 330W in stock loads but jumped over 370W when running at overclocked speeds. Same differences were spotted on the RTX 2080 which consumed around 270W (system load) in an overclocked environment. The DUKE OC is within the same range as the Founders Edition when it comes to power consumption numbers. This is a good thing considering the DUKE OC ships with a higher factory overclock. You'd see another 25-30W jump when manual overclocking is applied.

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