The Hardware Review: HyperX Cloud II Headset

Mar 25, 2016

Non-Sound Factors

Non-Sound Factors

So it’s clear to say that I like the Cloud II’s from an audio perspective, but what about non-sound quality factors? Well, there are a few points to note here.

First, I need to have the earcups extended to the maximum amount of space available for them to fit comfortably. I measure the distance from the centre of my ears over the top of my head and come up with 15.5 inches (or a little over 39 cm). Most headphones I’ve tried which pass over the top of my head I don’t need to extend to the maximum to make fit. The band which goes over your head has a soft memory foam padding and probably has another cm or so to give before it starts becoming noticeable.

The microphone is on a flexible extended arm which has a nice resistance to bend around and extends about 6 inches (15cm) from the base of the left ear.

The remote/USB sound card is a nicely put together affair, better labelled and higher quality than some I’ve seen from competing offerings. It also has a clip on the back which was useful for me to put it out of the way when I was playing the guitar.

In-line remote/USB sound card

It took a bit of jiggery pokery in windows to get the system putting out sound from both the speakers and the headset but I found a good explanation here which worked for me in Windows 10 with no problems.

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