The Hardware Review: HyperX Cloud II Headset

Mar 25, 2016

Gaming Testing

Time to try some games.

Alien Isolation is a great game. Perhaps even more important for the purposes of this review, it’s a great game which also has great sound, and that’s what I’m after here. The Cloud II’s do a great job of giving you the dark brooding environment that you need to play it and once again I’m left feeling very happy (or scared!) at the outcome.

But A:I has something that nothing else I’ve tested thus far offers. Multi-channel audio. Time to put this virtual surround to the test. I find a doorway and spend a good 5 minutes activating it from all sorts of different directions, walking forwards, sideways, at an angle etc into it and letting the door open and activate. The results are as I expect. Which is to say decent, but (as is always the case) my search for really good multi-channel audio in a headset will continue. That much said, the results are certainly fairly comparable to my Razer Tiamat 7.1’s (my daily driver for gaming, so far…), but as with all multi-channel headsets I’ve tried thus far (actual and virtual alike) the results are wanting when it comes to proper positional audio, particularly from directly behind.

And again with accessories...

Plugging the Les Paul in and firing up Rocksmith 2014 is going to be fun. I’ve only just gotten back into Rocksmith after breaking my wrist skiing last season. I actually managed to restrain myself reasonably well in the Steam Christmas sales last year. That was until I saw all the Rocksmith DLC they had available on sale too! £35 and a bunch of songs later and a lot of them are still unplayed (as a lot of my steam library is!). Time to try something new then. An old favourite, The Doors – Roadhouse blues. I’ve not played the song before so it’s throwing me in at the easiest level and giving me perhaps one note in five or ten to play. Even with so few notes, the learning curve is there. I stumble through the first song with a 79% hit rate. More importantly, the sound from the Cloud II’s is once again spot on. For good measure I try to enable the virtual 7.1 mode and see what it sounds like but quickly revert. This is 2 channel audio and it doesn’t sound right.

All that remains is a quick blast into Star Citizen with some mates for some TeamSpeak/Discord testing. Other than the usual complaints about my aim, flying, lack of target callouts and generally bad co-op play style, there are no complaints about the sound from the microphone and the in game sound itself comes across well.

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