The Hardware Review: HyperX Cloud II Headset

Mar 25, 2016

In The Box

In The Box

Opening the box, we find:

The Cloud II’s

Detachable microphone

The 1.1m braided cable with analogue standard stereo/mic 3.5mm jack.

The inline remote/sound processor with another 2m braided cable to a standard USB connector.

An airplane adaptor plug! (Didn’t realise they still existed!)

Carrying bag

Spare felt earpads (the installed pair are leatherette)

Instructions etc.

In the box...

Everything is packed away nicely and the box is reusable to put everything back in its proper place easily which I like. Pulling the gear out, it all feels solidly put together and high quality. The buttons on the controller have a very nice feel to them and all in all it feels kind of like the impression I have of HyperX as a company. Not front of mind, but a good brand which makes good quality kit.

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