Cooler Master is no stranger to the gaming mouse scene but they have a long history of wild and crazy designs that didn't stick around long, but then they have some true classics. Last year they updated an existing mouse to the MM710 design and quickly become my favorite gaming mouse. Now, they've respawned a real classic and created the MM720. Taking the things people loved about the MM710 and the old Spawn/Respawn/Xornet/Xornet II and created a spectacular lightweight and effective gaming mouse.

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Cooler Master MM720: Delivering a killer claw grip

The Cooler Master MM720 is quite an interesting little gaming mouse. At first look, lit might almost remind you of the old iMac puck mouse but don't let that fool you, this is a claw grip fan's dream mouse. Wider than most and shorter than most, palm grip folks may find this one an odd duck, but if you know what you're in for the upgrades on the old design make this one killer package for not a lot of dough. The lightweight mouse and cable make it feel practically wireless in action.


Form FactorRight-Handed
RGB Lighting2-zone, MasterPlus+ Software
SensorOptical - PixArt PMW3389
Max Sensitivity (DPI)400-16000
Max Speed (IPS)400
Max Acceleration (G)50
Programmable Buttons6
Switch TypeLK Optical
Switch Lifecycle70 Million Clicks
On-board Memory Profiles7
Mouse Feet100% PTFE Mouse Feet
Tilt Scroll WheelNo
Sizes105.42mm x 76.52mm x 37.35mm


The packaging is about as barebones as it gets, and quite frankly that's fine because there's no need in wasting resources these days. But, it's not short on what you get. Not only do you get the MM720 wrapped in a protective sleeve you're also going to get a full set of rubber grip tape to put on the sides and the mouse buttons in case you find yourself having trouble holding on to the mouse in intense actions. You also get a full second set of the PTFE feet, talk about value.

The buttons on the MM720 are complementary to LK and are optical making for several key improvements over older traditional switches. They give you the advantage of much longer life spans (70m clicks in this instance), faster response times, and no denounce clicks as you get with traditional Omron style switches.  The switches have a very satisfying click to them and don't feel too light or heavy meaning missclicks are less often but you'll not find yourself forcing them either.

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The scroll wheel and side buttons are good too. The scroll wheel has a rubber coating making it easy to handle during intense sessions but also lets the RGB shine through quite nicely. The side buttons are much improved over the MM710 feeling less spongy and I'm not able to actuate them by squeezing the mouse like I was on the MM710.

The combination of the PixArt PMW3389 optical sensor, Ultralight cable, and the 100% PTFE feet give the MM720 an excellent feel in action. The cable and feet ensure that the mouse is able to move about without hindrance, the overall movement of the mouse absolutely makes my MM710 feel like trash and the sensor never gave me any issues through the entire playthrough of the BLOPs Cold War campaign.

The Cooler Master MM720 is the very definition of a big brand doing all the small things right. They took a classic favorite and reimagined it for today's market while maintaining everything that made people love it to begin with. Pack in extra feet, grip tape, RGB, and you've got yourself an unbelievable package at $49.99. The only issue there might be with this one is if you're not into the claw grip style of gaming you will likely not find this one to be for you, but if you've got smaller hands or love claw grip, you've found one of the best you can get for the money with the MM720

Wccftech Rating

The Cooler Master MM720 continues to deliver on design excellence from the company, but this time you'll be limited to claw grip and small hands only.

  • Ultralightweight at 49g
  • Responsive sensor
  • Responsive Scrollwheel
  • Responsive Optical Buttons
  • Feels solid despite holes abound
  • Flexible and lightweight cable
  • Smooth PFTE feet but still retain control
  • 2 zone RGB
  • No software required
  • Not ambidextrous
  • Claw grip only need apply

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