Ultralightweight gaming mice have exploded onto the market, from Final Mouse to the Glorious Model-O these mice have spurred a whole new group of peripheral enthusiasts. Recently we took a look at Razer's response to this changing landscape with their well-received Viper ambidextrous gaming mouse, today it's Cooler Master's turn. Introducing the Cooler Master MM710, an aggressive little mouse that Cooler Master thinks may sway you in their direction for those in search of the holy grail of gaming mice.

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The funny story here is there's not a whole lot to really talk about when it comes to the mouse itself, it's almost skeletal in nature and that's part of its allure. The mouse comes in at a rather small 117mm long, 63mm wide, and 38mm tall and while they claim it's for Claw, Palm, or Fingertip grip you'll likely find yourself in either Claw or Fingertip grips unless you have abnormally small hands. The cable is 1.8m long and features their ultraweave cable that is close to paracord in lightweight and flexibility, I actually prefer it over Razer's speedflex cable design.


Switches on the left and right mouse button are supplied by Omron 20 million click rated switches that have a really nice sound signature and are near-instant in actuation and have very little to no movement inside to side play of the button itself, the scroll wheel feels solid and not loose at all with very distinct stepping while scrolling and a resounding THUD when dropping down for that center mouse click. The side buttons have differing sound signatures that help distinguish them audibly and are really responsive, but have a mushy feeling once activated leaving them feeling sub-par to the rest of the mouse's quality.

The bottom of the mouse centers the Pixart PMW 3389 Sensor that features up to 16,000 DPI but comes defaulted to 1200, this can easily be adjusted on the fly using the DPI selection button on the top of the mouse between the Left and Right buttons. The Low Friction 95% PTFE Feet aren't the smoothest I've ever felt, but they still help retain some control over a mouse this light.


Now Let's talk about the body, made of ABS plastic, and in either a white design or black design in either matte or glossy, this shell is the star of the show. Not just because it looks like Cooler Master loaded a shotgun with buckshot that shoots pellets shaped like their company logo, but because it's also a crazy low 53g on the scales. The combination of rigid ABS along with the weight controlled holes they've achieved both a sturdy as any other mouse that practically levitates from being so light. And if you're worried about dust and debris buildup like I was, don't worry since they've sealed the components enough that I was able to rinse it out in the sink after my kid got Cheez-It dust all in it, although I wouldn't recommend the dishwasher since they're pretty adamant that it isn't waterproof.

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So how is it to use the MM710 you ask? It's a dream, I originally sighed when I got the mouse in thinking it was just a gimmick and who doesn't have the forearm strength to move a Logitech G502 with all the weights, but I'm eating my words. Did it make me a better gamer? Nah, I still suck most of the time but it did, however, make me feel more comfortable after longer gaming sessions and it surprised me in the most unexpected way. I became more accurate in moving data through spreadsheets, selecting what I was aiming for in forms, and after hours of work, I could just keep going. The fact that this mouse is RGB and BS-free means it'll fit in at work, home, and play and with a price tag of $49.99 it's pretty much a no brainer for those wanting an excellent performing gaming mouse or really want to check out this ultralight scene without dropping $100+ and waiting months for something to ship. Cooler Master has delivered a knockout here, but I would have loved to see some contrast on the color side, something neon maybe?

Wccftech Rating

The Cooler Master MM710 offers a near-perfect gaming mouse experience without taking you to the cleaners and making you wait months to experience.

  • Ultralightweight at 53g
  • Responsive sensor
  • Responsive Scrollwheel
  • Response Left/Right Buttons
  • Feels solid despite holes abound
  • Flexible and lightweight cable
  • Smooth PFTE feet but still retain control
  • No software required
  • Not ambidextrous
  • Back/Forward side buttons feel mushy after engaging
  • Side buttons could be activated by squeezing the sides

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