Cooler Master Unveils Purple-Colored “CryoFuze Violet” Thermal Paste With Exceptional Thermal Performance

Cooler Master Unveils Purple-Colored "CryoFuze Violet" Thermal Paste With Exceptional Thermal Performance 1

Cooler Master has announced its brand new CryoFuze Violet Thermal Paste which features a purple-colored thermal grease.

Colored Thermal-Pastes Are Here! Cooler Master Unveil CryoFuze Violet With Purple Colored Grease For Exceptional Cooling

According to Cooler Master itself, the next-generation CryoFuze Violet comes with a special purple-colored grease that delivers superior bonding for your hardware components. The grease utilizes a nano-particle component which allows for excellent thermal conductivity and optimal heat transfer within your PC.

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Some of the main features of Cooler Master's CryoFuze Thermal Paste include:

  • High Performance
  • Exceptional Thermal Conductivity
  • Anhygroscopic (non-moisture absorbent)
  • Easy Application
  • Non Corrosive Formula

The non-corrosive and oxidation-resistant formula that was used in developing the CryoFuze Violet thermal compound prevents solidification and leaves metal contact surfaces unharmed. The paste itself can maintain stability from as low as -50C and as high as 240C (Degrees Celcius). The thermal transfer is rated at 12.6W/mK which makes it a high-end thermal compound. Plus, the paste comes within an injection tube making it easy to apply over any component.

"Cooler Master is launching a new addition to the CryoFuze Series of thermal paste, CryoFuze Violet. Featuring a purple-tinted compound, nanoparticles within the composition allow for excellent thermal conductivity on all processing components. The balanced viscosity and electrically insulated composition deliver exceptional bonding with effortless application and clean-up. CryoFuze Violet is noncorrosive and oxidation resistant leaving contact surfaces unharmed, as well as preventing solidification and drying. CryoFuze Violet has a versatile range of temperature performance, maintaining stability from -50°C up to 240°C."

via Cooler Master

The most standout feature of this thermal compound is that it is colored Violet or Purple. Silver & Grey colors have been a common sight for thermal grease for a long time but this is the first time that we have seen colored compounds from a manufacturer as big as Cooler Master. Obviously, once you have applied the thermal paste and put a cooler on top of the CPU or GPU, you'll never notice the compound again unless you take it off or someone else does in which case the second user would be questioning why his hardware is leaking alien-colored glue out of it. Cooler Master hasn't mentioned the pricing of the new CryoFuze Violet thermal compound but it should readily be available soon. It is also currently listed for $30.99 US at Newegg.

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The company also offers purple and blue colored Thermal pads which you can check out here.

News Source: Overclock3D

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